Bell giveaway!

Recent giveaway winners haven’t replied to me, or are unreliable/rude, so i’d figure these bells could go to those who are more deserving!

I will be laying out a TON of bells! Here’s how it’s gonna go down~ 

  1. I will be inviting in groups of three into my town at once!
  2. You will be allowed to take an entire inventory full of 99,000 bells. (That’s 16 slots + your separate bell pouch for a total of 1,683,999 bells per person!)

There have to be some rules, or this thing would be entirely unorganized and a pain in the butt.

  1. Please do not leave the train station area! That is where the bells will be located. If there aren’t any on the ground, please wait until I can put more down for you! 
  2. Please no running, or taking of any flowers. We have to respect each other towns!
  3. Please do not leave my town, I will end the session when everybody in the town has received their bells. This allows me to put more bells out for the next group, and to avoid interrupting guests!

All you have to do is reblog with your friend code, town/mayor name! My friend code is 0361-7588-3439 - please add it! I will try to add everybody if it doesn’t get overwhelming! 

This will start in 20 minutes! :)

Friend Code:
2251 5201 3202